River Tool Tech

Drill and Tap Heads
RTT heads will accommodate any hole pattern from .375" hole center line and up.

RTT has developed a cutting edge spindle driver like none other in existence. This is a quick change unit without U-joints.

RTT heads have been proven to be one of the most robust available. Each spindle and gear box has a positive pressure lube system which maintains lubrication and prevents contamination.

RTT tap heads are individual lead screws to allow for pitch variation. These units will also allow different angle variation up to 20 degrees.
Typical RTT Tap Module application
RTT Super Duty Tapping Module shown tapping 3/4-10 roll form thread 1 1/2" deep in cored hole.
Typical RTT Drill Module with floating bushing plate
Standard RTT Static Tap Module
RTT Static Precision Module with custom carbide form tool. Used in conjunction with CNC or hydraulic fixture slide
Typical RTT Precision Module with multiple spindles and form tool cutters. Modules include precision linear ways and hydraulic or CNC motion